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January 2019 Online Blended EMT Course

What You Pay Elsewhere: $900.00
The Price For You Today: $850.00

$850: This includes your textbook, blood pressure cuff/stethoscope and Utah BEMS Fees. The NREMT written testing fees are not included.

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Product Description

Class begins on January 7th, 2019

Our 150 hour EMT class is filled with fun and information. Our Online/Blended course offers you the same great education but lectures are done online. When you come to class we will briefly review the material assigned and get to work on skills and written testing. Of course you need to be in class for completion of skills and exams, however missed days are easily made up if needed. The Online/Blended EMT Class has the same requirements set forth by the National Standard Guidelines and Utah BEMS as our face to face EMT courses.

At the conclusion of this class you will be prepared to take your written and skills exam as required by Utah BEMS and NREMT for certification. We do this through a combination of adult learning styles and of course you will need to read your book. Topics covered include everything from the Well Being of the EMT to Medical Emergencies you might encounter to the handling of Traumatic Events.

The in-class hours for this program are set during the first day of class.
We will meet on Wednesday Evenings 1730-2100 hours.

This class begins on January 7th, 2019 to fill out paperwork and get instructions class will run for 8 weeks

Being an EMT is an honor and one that we hold very close to our hearts. EMTs are employed all over the country in Fire Departments, Ambulance services, hospitals and medical facilities. This class will prepare you for your career in the medical field and you might even have fun while you are taking the class.

To certify with Utah BEMS initially you will need to pass a criminal history background check, pay all your fees to Mt Nebo, be at least 18 years of age within 364 days after the class end, pay NREMT your written testing fees and finally you will  need to pass those darn certification exams administered by NREMT.

Once you pay your fees we don’t ask for any more money, you will need to pay your own NREMT written testing fees as these are not covered in our course fees.

Mt Nebo Course Student Fees Cover: Required textbooks, standard Utah BEMS fees, classroom materials, online access and we even give you a BLOOD PRESSURE CUFF & STETHOSCOPE.

If you want to upgrade your Stethoscope we offer them along with many other medical supplies at a discounted price.

EMT Students AT UFRA

Sign up now as class size is limited!

See you in class.

We meet on Monday and Wednesday Evenings 1730-2100 hours (5:30-9:00 pm),
  and there will be no Saturdays, unless you really want them.

This class begins on January 7th, 2019

See you in class…Don’t forget to sign up before you leave our site.

Payson Fire/EMS

Payson Fire/EMS


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